Recovery Home for Women

Here are the people who Make it work

Phyllis Ariss,

President of the Board.  Phyllis has  a masters Degree in mental health counseling, in administration criminal justice, and is working on her license in alcohol, drug addiction counseling(ladac).  Phyllis created Valerie's place to help women succeed in life, and become whom God intended them to be. She was once lost in drugs and alcohol, homeless, and in jail.  She knows she can help women get their lives back together and move forward.


Gertrude Schlegerlmilch

Vice-President of the Board and sister of Phyllis. Becky has a 'real world' education.  She has had personal experience helping people with depression and chemical disorders.  She has experience working with a diverse clientele from various socio-economic backgrounds. She and Phyllis have dreamed of opening Valerie's so they can help troubled women find their place in the world. 

Toni Caputo, Treasurer of the Board

Toni works as an Administrative assistant

in the public schools.  She brings her skills 

as treasurer and secretary for the board.  

Maurice Ross, Board Member

Maurice has a bachelors degree in Political Science, Elementary Education Licensure, and a Master in Educational Leadership.  Maurice has administrative skills that will be of great benefit to Valerie's Place,  Maurice has seen firsthand the need for Valerie's Place,  Women in the local community who are suffering from the ravages of drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence incarceration and homelessness.  These women need a program like Valeries Place.


Cody Mock, Board Member

Cody works in construction and is

very active in his church.  He brings

ideas to the Board from a different


Nancy J Ullery, Realtor for Valerie's Place.  Nancy and her husband partner have a small Real Estate Service. Nancy has an educational background with preschool and elementary children.  She taught music for many years.  She has seen and experienced the stresses that happen in the lives of many women and children.  She is honored to help VP find a home  for their 'family'

Presenting all the Board Members who are working hard to get Valerie's Place up and Running..

Maybe you would like to join the Board.   Let us know.